Belly Casting



Basic Belly Casting – $75 Create a unique 3D keepsake of your lovely pregnancy curves. The basic package includes a full cast of your breasts and belly (or just belly) in the privacy of your home. The entire process takes about one hour, and you keep your cast the same day!



marcy ganoe birth services philadelphia philly doula placenta encapsulation childbirth education yoga reiki belly casting belly binding yoni steam mother blessing ceremonies homebirth waterbirthDeluxe Belly Casting – $125   I take the cast home to be reinforced with additional plaster strips, trim the edges, and apply protective coating. You receive the finished cast within about 1-3 weeks.

Ultimate Belly Casting – 

All of the above plus additional reinforcement, sanding, smoothing and painting with the color of your choice.


Time-Lapse Belly Cast

Get a set of three belly casts, made at different times in your pregnancy to show the progression of your baby’s growth! The casts are made at 20 weeks, 28-30 weeks, and 36-38 weeks. You get $25 off when purchasing your set!
Basic – $225   $200
Deluxe – $375    $350
Ultimate – $525   $500