Birth Doula Services

“You were incredibly helpful to me as a doula. During labor, you were very supportive, patient, and compassionate, and your use of Reiki and massage worked wonders! You were able to calm me during moments of high stress, and also helped in making decisions during labor. I honestly don’t think my birth experience would have been as smooth without you!” Melissa; Philadelphia, PA

What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is a trained, professional, non-medical childbirth assistant. Doulas provide nurturing support to growing families, in the form of emotional and physical support, as well as evidence-based information. Doulas also help parents advocate for themselves in the birth setting, and facilitate communication and support between mom and her birth partner(s).

Some of the benefits of having a birth doula include:
• A shorter labor
• Less need for pain medicationbirth doula services philadelphia
• Reduced chance of having a Cesarean, Pitocin, episiotomy, forceps or vacuum assisted delivery
• Decreased risk of postpartum depression
• A healthy baby due to fewer unnecessary interventions
• Breastfeeding success
• A more satisfying birth experience

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My birth doula support services include:

Free consultation. We will meet in person to chat and get to know each other a bit. If we click, you may officially hire me as your doula.

Unlimited email and text support, from the time of hire until six weeks after your baby’s birth.

Personalized prenatal and postpartum care.birth doula philadelphia
Get help with:
• Designing an effective birth plan
• Exploring how to deal with “what if” scenarios
• Advocating for yourself with medical staff
• Comfort measures and positions for labor
• What to expect in childbirth
• Basic newborn care and breastfeeding

On-call availability. Starting three weeks before your due date, you can reach me anytime, day or night.

Continuous labor and birth support. I will join you whenever you need me during labor, and will remain with you until 1-2 hours after the birth.

Discount on my other services, including placenta encapsulation, childbirth education, belly casting, private yoga and reiki sessions, belly binding and more!

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