Mother’s Milk Soap

mother's milk soap breast milkAh, breast milk – the favorite cure-all remedy of naturally-minded parents everywhere. Breast milk is used to treat everything and anything, including cracked nipples, ear infections, acne, rashes, sunburn, cesarean scars, pink eye, warts, digestive issues, even cancer! You name it, and someone has used breast milk to try to cure it.

So why not wash with it? You can have your very own Mother’s Milk Soap, custom-made with your own breast milk.

Animal milk has been used for baths and soapmaking since ancient times, and with good reason – soaps made from milk have tons of benefits (and mother’s milk is the best milk of all):

Moisturizing and Nourishing – Milk contains moisturizing fats and lipids, as well as tons of essential vitamins and minerals. These are all easily absorbed into the skin, since they came from your own body.

Skin Soothing – Milk has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral effect, making it the ideal remedy for a number of skin conditions.

Gently Exfoliating – Milk contains lactic acid, which helps remove dead skin cells. This aids the healing process by making way for new, healthy skin cells to take their place. Since this is the same lactic acid your baby drinks, it is definitely gentle enough for their skin!

Vegan – Unlike soaps made from goat or cow’s milk, Mother’s Milk soaps don’t support the dairy industry and are not a product of suffering. There’s nothing more natural and eco-friendly than using something created by your own body!

How I Make Mother’s Milk Soap
My soaps would make your great-grandmother proud. They’re made the old-fashioned way – by hand and from scratch. Most commercially produced soaps are not even soaps at all, but detergents. These often have harsh chemicals and preservatives – even ones marketed as being safe for babies! My soaps contain only a handful of natural ingredients (organically sourced and fair-trade certified when possible), and no artificial preservatives.

I use the tried-and-true cold process method of soapmaking, where sodium hydroxide, commonly called lye, is mixed with plant-based oils to produce a chemical reaction known as saponification. (After saponification occurs, no lye remains in the finished product – it is all converted into soap molecules.) During the chemical reaction, a lot of heat is created. When making Mother’s Milk soap, I carefully control the temperature so that it does not rise higher than 100 degrees F, in order to preserve all the wonderful nutrients contained in your milk.

Once the oils, lye, and milk are mixed together, they are poured into a mold and left for 24-48 hours to set. After that comes the aging process, which takes about 4-6 weeks. The soap is left open to the air, allowing it to become hard and mild. Once the soap is aged, it is ready to use! You may choose to have me hold onto your soaps and send them to you when they are finished aging, or you may have me send them to you as soon as they come out of the mold and let them age at home. Note: the longer you let the soap age, the milder it will become.

Safety and Infection Control
I use dedicated equipment that is only used for making breast milk soap. My equipment is thoroughly sanitized in between batches according to OSHA standards for blood borne pathogens. All soap is made only with your own milk and no one else’s.

How Can I Get Some?
It’s simple: you give me your breast milk – as little as 6 oz – and I turn it into soap! When you place your order, I will email you with instructions on how to get your milk to me.

Amount of Milk       Amount of Soap       Cost
6 oz                           30 oz (~9 bars)           $50      btn_cart_LG
12 oz                         60 oz (~18 bars)         $95      btn_cart_LG

Bulk Orders:
**Contact me for special pricing on bulk orders.
12-49 oz milk: 5% off
50-99 oz: 10% off
100-199 oz: 15% off
200+ oz: 20% off

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